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PW hint

The password of posts with mainly pictures of Jakob will be his 2 middle names (of his “Norwegian/German” name, not the “Chilean”) in one word, initial letters uppercase, the rest lowercase. Please email us or leave a comment here if you can’t figure it out. Posts with mainly pictures of Hendrik will remain the same as before. We will keep this password for posts with lots of pictures of the whole family too.

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Protected: Introducing Jakob

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Getting there

We are finally approaching the end of this pregnancy. Yay!! We are very excited to become a family of 4, although the prospects of finally being done with the pregnancy is the biggest excitement at the moment (at least for me) ;-) I have started the end-of-pregnancy not-sleeping-well-anymore phase, which is not improved by Hendrik usually waking up at least once during the night, and then not falling back asleep until 1-2 hours later.

Other than the middle-of-the-night waking up, Hendrik is a happy boy these days. He started his new kindergarten in January, and all 3 of us love love love it!! He is excited to go to “katy” (e.g. “jardin” = kindergarten/preschool) every morning, he loves to play in the sand in the outside patio (the whole backyard is covered in sand), and in particular he loves his 2 favourite tias – Angie and Flores (Lore, which he calls Flores – flowers!). On the weekends he keeps asking when he can go back to katy! He still also loves our nana, Maribel, and they always go to the park in the afternoon to hang out with all the other nanas and kids in the neighbourhood. Come evening he is exhausted (and full of sand), but super happy. Hendrik is talking more and more, mostly in Spanish, but he repeats everything Mischa and I say when we reply in German/Norwegian. He clearly understands us! When he is saying something we don’t understand he keeps repeating it until we get it, and when we then reply something that makes sense to him (or say the word in German/Norwegian), he lets out a big “Aaaah! Siiii!”.

We are going to Santiago for the birth, like we did with Hendrik, and a couple of weeks ago we finally managed to book an apartment in a good neighbourhood not far from Clinica Alemana. We also decided that Hendrik and I will fly from La Serena to Santiago, while Mischa drives our car — since we’re staying for 3 weeks we want to bring quite a bit of stuff so we don’t have to buy a lot down there. We also want a car to be able to get to the hospital quickly at any time of the day/night! ;-) Mischa’s mum is staying with us in Santiago to take care of Hendrik (yay!), while my mum and my aunt are coming to visit us in La Serena 1 month later (double yay!). We are looking forward to getting all the help we can get with a newborn and a toddler! ;-)

As far as preparations go I think we’re pretty much all set for the arrival of the new baby. Except for finding a name, that is.. Boy’s names are SO difficult!!! For now we have settled on seeing him first, then maybe a name pops out (one can always hope :-p ). I have washed and gone through all of Hendrik’s old baby clothes (was he really that small??), and realise we have a lot of baby clothes.. I’ve also washed all the newborn diapers, as well as baby gear and toys. I still need to clean the crib properly, but we’ve got time. I’ve even started the to-bring-to-Santiago list, and I’m checking up on things that we need to get done while we’re there, like renewing Hendrik’s Norwegian passport. Maybe we’ll finally also manage to get him his German one?! :-p

The final countdown has begun! This is another big baby and he’s anxious to get out (at least judging from the kick show this baby is putting on!).

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Protected: The Schirmer’s summer in pictures

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Summer is coming to an end

Hendrik 22 months oldSummer is abruptly coming to an end, and an update on our life in Chile is long overdue. This year the summer weather didn’t properly arrive until a few days after Christmas, after long months of humid and chilly winter weather. We celebrated a nice Christmas with friends in La Serena*, and on New Years Eve we left Chile behind to go visit the US. We were going to a huge conference just outside of Washington DC, and decided to leave a few days early to do some sightseeing in Washington. We had a great time visiting museums and landmarks – a travelling post with pictures is soon to follow! Hendrik got to see snow for the first time, and he was super excited. The poor kid has hardly seen rain, so no wonder. After the meeting we spent a few days visiting friends in Princeton and Philadelphia before heading home to a hot La Serena.

*The previous post contains our Christmas card for those of you who were unfortunate enough to be left out of our address list. Please comment on the post or contact us to get the password.

Hendrik’s favourite game at the moment is hide-and-seek. In the beginning he would just take off, assuming we would follow and try to find him. When that didn’t always work, he started announcing the beginning of the game by asking “donde está Hendrik?” (“where is Hendrik?”), before running off. The hiding places are usually the same – behind a door or a long curtain – but every now and then he finds a new hiding place, typically a room he never goes into, and a few times he’s had to come out before we could find him :-)

Hendrik and pappa have been busy in the garden building a new sunshade/roof. Hendrik is mesmerised by pappa’s handiwork skills, and follows him around everywhere, helping with getting everything done. They are very cute together!

Mamma is still busy growing baby Jakob. With 26 weeks down there are only 14 to go! Baby is measuring BIG, though according to Chilean scales, so that could mean anything..

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Protected: Christmas card 2013

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